Havaş, the long established ground handling services company of Turkey, provides service under the roof of TAV Airports. Having awarded several times by the leading airline companies worldwide, Havaş is the longest established ground handling services company in Turkey. Main activities of Havaş include passenger and baggage handling, ramp, aircraft cleaning, load control and communication, cargo, flight operations, transportation, representation and supervision services. Providing ground handling services at 25 airports in Turkey and 7 in Europe, Havaş has an extensive portfolio comprising approximately 200 airlines operating scheduled and charter flights. Aiming to provide its customers better, more quality and faster service, Havaş also provides storage services at its 1,500 ton/day capacity warehouse. Since December 2007, Havaş also has been operating Hopa Passenger Terminal which is a connection point for Batumi Airport. The company also provides transfer and passenger transportation shuttle services, which are as comfortable as aircrafts, between airports and city centers in 18 cities.



HAVAŞ Europe

Founded in 2010 by Havaş in the North Europe with the strategy of expanding to the international market and becoming a global brand, Havaş Europe currently operates at Riga Airport in Latvia, and at Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf airports in Germany. Havaş Europe provided service to approximately 50 thousand flights in 2014.


HAVAŞ Saudi Arabia

Aiming to expand its services both towards the east and west, Havaş founded Havaş Saudi Arabia in April 2014 for the operation of Madinah Airport in Saudi Arabia. Established for the ground handling services of Madinah Airport, Havaş Saudi Arabia became the first Turkish company which was issued a ground handling services license in Saudi Arabia.


TGS (Turkish Ground Services)

Turkish Ground Services (TGS) was founded in January 2010 as a partnership between Havaş and Turkish Airlines, who wanted to separate their ground handling services from their own operation activities. TGS provides service at Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboğa, Izmir Adnan Menderes, Antalya, Adana, Sabiha Gökçen, Şakir Paşa, Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman airports. TGS provides full ground handling services at international standards to almost 516,000 flights operated by national and international airlines with more than 5,500 pieces of equipment and 8,000 employees.